Friday, October 7, 2011

Protest Chaplains

Here's an article that's definitely worth a look! Does "Occupy Wall Street" look like church?
    ...In the music, conversations, meetings and daily work that come with running a community, there is a profound sense of abundance. A delivery of dry blankets and towels is met with cheers. Trained medics volunteer their skills to treat injuries and illness. The food station is “loaves and fishes” in action: There is always more than enough to eat, and homeless folks eat side by side with lawyers and students off of donated plates. There is always meaningful work to be done. It’s not charity. It’s cooperation. It’s The Way, and it’s happening right now. The Occupation is the church your church wants to be.
I'm intrigued at the idea of Protest Chaplains. So... what do you think?


Matt said...

Protest chaplain idea has potential.

But "no proselytize" usually means don't mention Jesus. Kind of a sticking point. He is the rock by which men stumble.

That's mostly what I hear. Leave Jesus behind and you'll be ok being a chaplain.

We can love in all sorts of settings, but at some point it does come down to what one decides to do with Jesus.

Their "about us" page says: "We believe the great mysterious life and beauty of this world we often call God is given to everyone and alive in everyone. So we really don't care what you happen to believe about The Thing We Call God." From what I read about what Jesus said, I don't think he would say anything close to that. He was quite explicit about what that "The Thing we Call God" is (himself) and that it matters what you call him.

But if called to be in that secular setting (which is what it is without Jesus) it's no different than being called to be a stockbroker. You can be a follower and witness to Jesus in a "christian" setting as much as any other. Sometimes more.

Scott said...

Yeah, I guess I hadn't read that for down the "About Me" page! That paragraph is kind of a bummer. Strange, because the paragraph right before that one says "Some of our services in the streets will be explicitly Christian and will mention Jesusy stuff. We're doing this because we believe that Jesus came to 'proclaim release to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.'"

It does make me wonder what they mean when they say "we really don't care what you happen to believe about The Thing We Call God."

Matt said...

"Never know ... till you know..."

Play on words I use sometimes... you never really know what anyone believes, no matter what they wrote or said, till you know them. Although out of the mouth comes the heart sometimes, too...