Monday, October 19, 2009

For the Price of a Cup of Coffee...

There are basically two kinds of people in this world:

(1.) The ones who think this magazine ad is hilarious, and

(2.) the kind who are offended by those who think it's hilarious.

Okay, there is another kind:

(3.) The ones who find it ridiculous, but are crushed by the tragedy of it.

There are a million things I could say about it. Can you guess any of them?


craig said...

Well, it does sorta remind me of those 'buy-a-paper' outfits that were around when I was in college (I'd guess they probably still are, but it's been a while since I was in school). You know, the thing is to have something to turn in, and get a grade; actually knowing anything becomes quite beside the point. . .

But the whole 'FREE!!' 'Great Value!!' schtick (complete with exclamation points) does just seem out-of-place. . .

Put me down for (3). . .

Scott said...

I don't think it's funny at all. In fact, that is where I bought all of my top-notch blog ideas.

Anonymous said...

A preacher with nothing to say should sit down a while and listen. Unfortunately the odd career of delivering the "sermon of the week" doesn't allow for common sense.

sac1066 said...

So many ministers could see this and think of how he could free up his week, and I'm sure many have.

When i was in Bible College, there was a section in the library that had outlined messages ready to go. These were great sermons from "famous" ministers of the faith. I guess they were there for ministers to get a sermon from.
(I used one)

After i left Bible College, i knew a minster that had all his sermon outlines written down and he was in the process of computerizing them (this was 1995) He told me, "in all the churches all over the world, no matter the denomination, every sermon you can think of has been preached in the last ten years" He would recylce his sermons throughout the year as he saw the need arise or if the Lord spoke to him. (i thought it the mystery out of the sermonizing he did on sundays)

Does it make the message less if it is someone else's. How many time have you heard the Christmas and Easter messages? They never change and yet are powerful still today. (how many times have they been preached?)

When i was a young adult i had a minister that copied his sermon from a popular tv minister. (the minister had told my dad that he liked the tv minister)
My dad started watching as well and noticed the sun nite tv sermon was preached the next sunday. It became a joke in my house until the minister became a joke as well. (It seemed as though he was cheating.)

I always believed the minister had to come up with 2-3 sermons a week because that was his job, but there is nothing new...

Now if he is "phoning" it in then bad, bad minister. Is it really that big a deal.

Back to when i was in Bible College: during Preaching Class (Homiletics I and II) we had to provide copies of our sermons to everyone in the class. So i have (still) about 40 sermon outlines ready to go (Joe B. would you like to buy them for about the price of a soda a day?) :-}
love and kisses, sac

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